Mastermind Membership 

Participating in an executive level mastermind, or ‘Think Tank’, allows you to seek answers within the collective mind of many. 

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, likened the wisdom that comes from a mastermind discussion to another mind entirely —outside of the minds of the participants themselves. 

Executive Coach Leila Ansart facilitates such discussions in a membership atmosphere so clients can share their challenges confidentially, and get feedback from others.   

In the collective mind of many, we can find the answers to our most pressing challenges.

When several successfully minded people come together to tackle a challenge, the possibilities for

synergy and solutions are endless.  


Mastermind Membership Includes:

➕ 1-1 Intro Session with Executive Coach Leila Ansart

➕ 1 90 minute 1-1 Coaching Session to work through any mental blocks or resistance you are experiencing

➕ Reduced Rate on Additional Coaching Sessions you choose to purchase

➕ Access to Leila by email for questions / feedback between meetings

➕ Monthly Group Coaching + Mastermind Call with Leila Ansart and Guest Experts

➕ Accountability Partner to Keep Your Momentum Going

➕ Be a part of a tribe committed to celebrating your success, supporting your growth and enjoying the journey together.

This is for You If Any of These are True…

➕ You want to take an active role in developing your business, personal growth and interpersonal skills.

➕ You’re an emerging leader wishing you had a Mentor.

➕ You’re awakening to the possibilities of what you could learn and accomplish with the collaboration of a Mastermind.

➕ You’re an ambitious woman who wants an outlet to stretch past your comfort zone with guidance, support and accountability.

➕ You know you would thrive with accountability and support.


About Leila Ansart, Your Coach

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An Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, and entrepreneur, I’m 100% dedicated to helping you to reach your personal and professional goals, and navigate the challenges that come with being a leader in today’s world.

I haven’t always been confident and success minded. The first few decades of my life were spent in an abusive environment.

After finding a path out, I rebuilt my life, spending the next several  years in corporate sales and marketing, all the while investing in my personal growth. I retrained my mind and worked on developing leadership traits.  I wanted to know more than WHAT to do… I longed to understand HOW to do it, and why it worked. My path led me to discover science-backed ways to develop a success mindset.

Now years later, with coaching certifications in several disciplines, I am extremely passionate about helping others to apply success strategies so they can create a future that aligns with their values, desired lifestyle and true fulfillment. I offer this through mentoring, coaching and speaking services.

The full value of this program is over $1100!

However, you get access to the early summer chapter [doors open June 15, 2019] for $99/month for 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join?

Membership is applied for by application, and we retain the right to choose the Mentoring & Mastermind Members based on their career path, committment level, desire for growth and their participation in the program (if renewing).

How long is the Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring & Mastermind is a 6 month commitment, with optional renewal into a new 6 month program at the end.

What methods of payment do you accept, and how is billing managed?

All credit/debit cards are accepted.  Because of the low cost entry point of this program, we require that automatic payment is set up to bill approximately every 30 days for 6 payments total.

Does membership in the Mentoring + Mastermind Program automatically renew?

No, your committment is for 6 months, at which time your membership will expire. You are welcome to communicate your preference to continue your membership at that time if you prefer, and we find many of our members do. Acceptance into the program is determined by Leila Ansart.