May 2019 Group Coaching Call

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Click the video below to watch the recording of the May Group Coaching Call.

[ Time investment: 55 minutes ]

Call notes are below the video.

On this call we talked about how to increase your ability to influence others —whether that’s to make a purchase, open their minds to a new idea, or support a worthy organization.

Here are a few timestamps:

6:15 Learn about the typical ways people think (visual, auditory, etc…)

9:40 Clues to determine how someone thinks (digging into V, A, K, Ad)

16:30 Interactive activity 1: Let’s practice identifying someone’s buying strategy - restaurant example

23:07 Interactive activity 2: Let’s practice identifying someone’s buying strategy - shopping example

29:35 Influence vs. sales - are they different, or the same thing?

30:30 How I note the buying strategy clues I notice about someone.

31:53 More buying strategy examples - Retail store

33:10 More buying strategy examples - Online program purchase

34:43 What to do after determining someone’s buying strategy; examples of conversations with your conversation partner

41:33 BONUS: Eye patterns can teach you how someone thinks.

43:35: One more example - a real estate client. Two ways to present the info they are asking for.

46:20 Questions + Clarification

50:36 What one actionable are you going to implement? #onething

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