April 2019 Group Coaching Call

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Click the video below to watch the recording of the April Group Coaching Call.

[ Time investment: 48 minutes ]

Call notes are below the video.

On this coaching call, we talked about:

  • how to brand yourself on social media.

  • We cover authenticity online, + how vulnerability plays into the trust factor (and where to draw the lines).

  • Learn a framework for brainstorming what to post on social media + how to think beyond the box you normally operate in. (Discover what lentils has to do with this!)

  • Top tips for LinkedIn usage.

Here are a few timestamps:

MONTHLY CHECK-IN (not included on recording)


0:05 The big question to ask when formulating your social media strategy

4:00 What does vulnerability have to do with your online presence? What are the boundaries?


07:00 What do you want to show online? My framework for brainstorming this and building buckets of content that you can post to show a well-rounded authentic picture of you.

16:35 A unique approach to reaching more people on social media: a brief look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

26:00 Scheduling / mapping out what to post when

27:45 LinkedIn Tips for upgrading your profile

38:20 LinkedIn: Expanding your influence by having others recommend you. Including how and when to write a recommendation on their behalf (for you)

47:13 LinkedIn Live —just introduced Spring of 2019

48:01 What one actionable are you going to implement? After watching this, email me your answer!

Resources Mentioned:

Free website for creating images for social media, profile headers, etc. www.Canva.com

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