February 2019 Group Coaching Call

Screenshot 2019-03-02 14.03.08.png

Click the video below to watch the recording of the January Group Coaching Call.

[ Time investment: 30 minutes ]

Call notes are below the video.

On this call, we talked about what to do when you hit obstacles on your path to meeting your goals. Here are a few timestamps:


00:00 Welcome and individual check in’s. Share your successes this last month and your challenges.

15:00 Tossing up ideas about connecting more. Suggested the idea of accountability partners within the M+M group. Everyone attending gave feedback.

20:45 We talked about staying more connected as a group. If you weren’t on the call, please let me know your answers to the questions I asked.

24:15: Presentation started; What to do when obstacles hit, you lose your focus or you fail.


25:45 What happens in the first few months of new goals —why the high rate of failure

28:45 Notice where you are in your journey since program started in January. Practice mindfulness + acknowledge your blocks.

30:50 When lasting change/growth typically happens and why it matters to your outlook to understand this.


39:58 So what can we do? The 5 Minute Reset

23:00 What one actionable are you going to implement? After watching this, email me your answer!

34:35 Questions / Comments