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Client Story - Increased Sales & Doubled Closings + Motivation

You know how it feels when it's ALL on you?


Elita does.  She owns her own publication and has to be at her best each day to work her business, sign new clients, grow her following and bring in the income she needs.


Last year she hit a slump...


She described it as hitting her "stop point".  When she would reach a certain number of sales that month, her motivation would completely drop and suddenly she couldn't get herself to do what she needed to do to continue to sell that month.


Have you ever had one of these days, that turns into weeks, and turns into months?


It's no fun.  You know you need to get to work, move forward on your projects, and make client calls,

but you.




After much soul searching, Elita still couldn't find a solution. She couldn't go on like this.  Something HAD to change.  She remembered a conversation with someone about hiring a Coach, and decided to try it out for herself.


That led her to me.


During our coaching sessions, she had several "aha moments" that allowed her to see clearly what her obstacle was.  It was not anything she had considered before.


That's the power of having someone completely objective help you in gaining perspective and new strategies.


She admittedly was surprised, and didn't expect to identify this particular mindset block.  Then, through guidance and mentorship, she was able to change her mind block into a motivational catapult.


As she says, "I was stuck... it never dawned on me that I could get unstuck so quickly... The results were amazing. I went from 7 weeks of no sales to 16 consecutive weeks of sales, and more than doubled my closing ratio too!"



Hear her story from her personally...


Now Elita has been on a several month long success story.


Not only has she regained her traction (and then some) in her business, but the motivation changed her actions in her personal life as well.


She immediately started sleeping better, and making better choices for her health and diet.  Now several months later, she is on a journey of success that she loves, and feels happy, motivated and confident about her future.


Ready for 1-1 Coaching?

Want results like these?  I invite you to see what working with a Success Coach can do for you.  You have nothing to lose and only your very best, amazing life to gain.

About the author, Leila Ansart: I help female leaders + entrepreneurs to work through the challenges that come with leadership, while finding fulfillment, freedom and support as they grow.

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