3 Reasons You SHOULD Get Your Hopes Up

I had an exciting thought last week about a new direction in my business and it was so big - it was SCARY. I felt excitement fill my body and then had the thought, "This is big, Leila, don't get your hopes up just yet."

And I've been mulling over that last sentence for the last week.

WHY shouldn't I get my hopes up?

Why do we say that?  I realized it was an old habit that was not serving me.

Today, I'll share 3 solid reasons why you SHOULD get your hopes up.

Click the video below if you'd like to watch me explain.  (7 minute watch)

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Getting your ‘hopes up’ can be a catalyst towards growth and momentum.  It can:

➕ connect you to your creativity

➕ get you IN FLOW (your zone where inspiration flows)

➕ prime your mind to look for opportunities already around you

➕ flood you with feel-good hormones

➕ give you pin-point clarity on your desire map (I explain in the video!)

So let's get to the reasons.


When we allow ourselves to think about and consider something that we're excited about, feel-good hormones like dopamine, seratonin and endorphins are released in our bodies. The result is we feel happy!

When you feel happy, you are more likely to get in flow (your zone of genius where your inspiration flows) and be more creative, tap into your problem solving abilities, etc.

Why trade out those awesome benefits just to protect ourselves from possible disappointment?  Looking at the risk/reward ratio, feeling happy, creative and on-your-game is much more worth the possible feeling of dissapointment.



Science shows that when we consider something new (when we stretch our brain past it's habits), we have the capacity to notice opportunities, connections and ideas that were there all along but we couldn't see before.  

By focusing on a goal or idea that excites you, you are training your brain to look for more than what you see right now.  

It's as if you are recalibrating the lens through which you see life towards more opportunities and abundance.



Your desire map is a personalized map of what YOU would want to experience, have and be in your life.  It's the things that turn the mundane into the exciting.  It's what takes you from doing what you have to do to what fulfills you at your core.

So many of us are so caught up in "busy" that we lose connection to what makes us happy.  I've worked with countless women who can't figure out what they truly want next in their lives.

You see, if when you notice a desire you have, if when you read of a trip or experience that excites you, and you fearfullly squash down that feeling because it feels too big, too costly, too unreasonable, then you miss out.  You miss the opportunity to experience another layer of clarity as to what will bring you happiness, excitement and fulfillment in your life.

Just like there are points along a map that lead you closer and closer to your destination, these bursts of clarity are those points on your desire map (the path that leads you to your fulfillment and happiness).  Grab those moments and hold them close. 


If you find yourself saying "Don't get your hopes up", reconsider if this old saying serves you.  

Instead, use your idea as a catalyst towards a happier life.


About the author, Leila Ansart: I help leaders + entrepreneurs to work through the challenges that come with leadership, while finding fulfillment, freedom and support as they grow.

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