What to Do When You Need Change to Stick...

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I stick with this?

Why am I still battling the thought that I don’t belong here, despite my success?

Do you ever ask these questions?  You get frustrated with an area where you just can't make progress, and you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING.

You've set goals. You've given yourself reasons. You’ve talked yourself into feeling like you belong at the table.

And it works... to a point.

But then it doesn't.  

What's wrong with me? Why can't I change this? 

You're tired of this ongoing problem.  

You know you are capable, but then why does something keep stopping you?

You read books like crazy.  Podcasts?  Oh yeah, you do that too. 

Trying endlessly to change the patterns you see in yourself that don't serve you ... the ones that cause self sabotage, or worse, periods of just 'checking out'. 

But you want more.  You crave that ALIVE feeling. You don't want 'average'.  

In fact, to you, 'average' is a dirty word.

What if I told you there was something you hadn't tried yet?  What if it was available to you right here, right now. 

What if that old pattern could be broken for good --and you didn't have to try SO HARD for behavior and thoughts that empower + strengthen you + create fantastic results.

What if you COULD be the high achiever you are .... consistently.  What if you weren't afraid of losing your edge?

As an Executive Coach, my expertise is in helping amazing people like you with the struggles and challenges that come with leadership.

With my help, you CAN accomplish that ‘next level’ thing you dream about.  

My sweet spot is in helping you identify what the block is that you keep bumping up against. I’ll show you how you can use SCIENCE to get a different result. 

My process is NOT about *trying harder* and pushing through your resistance.  

It's not about talking about your past and me convincing you to think about it differently, like in therapy. 

Nope, not at all. 

Instead, it's about inviting you to experience change from deep inside that translates into you acting differently... WITHOUT so much effort.  

These science backed and proven coaching techniques are
+ extremely effective
+ lasting.

Do you hear angels singing right now reading this?  Cause you should!

I just gave you a "get out of jail free card".  

I just told you your old patterns and habits AREN'T YOUR FAULT. 

There's hope that you didn't know existed.

Yeah babes!  Cue the dancing and the big sighs of relief.

Wondering if my clients have experienced change like this? 

Hear what Lori had to say...
"Leila was my Coach about a year ago, and I continue to feel the positive effects. I decided to use her services to help me overcome a fear that was impacting an otherwise pretty darn good life. She was extremely professional, warm, and obviously knew what she was doing, and....it worked!

She spent time to get to know me and took me through her signature program, and a year later, I can tell you the fear is truly not there, and it has truly helped restore my own confidence. I highly recommend. It was worth every penny."

and Elita ...

"Recently, I met Leila and realized that she might be able to help me overcome some walls I felt like I was hitting in my life which impacted my career tremendously.... 

I never imagined it would be so quick. A few short days later, I had begun a high level of activity in my career and a FEELING of relief and happiness that I haven’t felt in many years!  Since then, I have gone from several weeks of no sales to 16 consecutive weeks of sales, and my closing ratio has more than doubled."

Read more testimonials here

If you're feeling like there's a cement truck blocking you from the progress you know you want in your life, this is me saying...

🎶🎶  hello from the other side.... 🎶🎶

I've been where you are and I found an easy way to change. 

It wasn't as hard as I expected. I was shocked. 

And then I realized EVERYONE needs to know about this.

And that's why I do what I do.  So stop 'kicking the tires' of this coaching thing and let's talk about what it could look like FOR YOU.

Let’s chat about what coaching could do for you. This call is free --and we can talk briefly about what's holding you up and I'll tell you straight up if I can help you with that.  

About the author, Leila Ansart: I help leaders + entrepreneurs to work through the challenges that come with leadership, while finding fulfillment, freedom and support as they grow.

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