5 Day Challenge - Day 5

Today we are going to bring it all together. 

We’ve learned how to identify our limiting self talk, (even the sneaky ones), how to question it’s validity, how to quickly discover what more empowering things could be true, and how to offer that to ourselves with powerful bombs of self love.

Today as a bonus, we are finishing up the challenge with updating your internal image of yourself and the world around you. And (as if we need more!), we are going to learn how to win more often!

I love this one because it is SO EASY!!!

Remember when you identified 2-3 areas where you are excel?  On the flip side, I’m sure you can think of an area of your life in which you criticize yourself most often.  Today we are going to consciously craft a statement that speaks to your best self, and who you are becoming, instead of seeing yourself as who you used to be.  This will help to change the very root of where the limiting self talk rises from.

For example, you might feel you aren’t very organized, and it gets you in trouble because you lose things, miss timelines, etc.

Let’s write a statement that speaks to WHO YOU WANT TO BE, and dismisses the old identity you have related to in the past.  For example:

I used to be disorganized.  However, every time that I take 5 minutes to plan ahead and make a list, I am improving my organizational skills, and this helps me feel accomplished and put together.


I used to be a perfectionist.  Now, I am focusing on how every challenge is a learning opportunity.  Every time I make a mistake, I feel successful because I get to grow and improve.  Mistakes or slip-ups are gifts that allow me to grow.

Don’t those new rules sound so much more empowering?  Change that jelly jar label baby!

Let me show you exactly how to write one of these customized to you.

Here’s the formula:

I used to ( #1 insert the problem you think you have.)

Now, every time I (#2 some small action that’s an easy win), I feel (insert how you would like to feel instead of #1 above).

As we work on updating your internal image, there’s a few things from the formula above that are worth mentioning.

1.  You must decide to no longer talk about that problem (#1)  in the present tense.  You must adopt the mantra that you USED TO do this.  This allows your unconscious mind on board and helps it stop creating automatic behaviors that support who you used to be.

2.  Giving yourself an easy win is crucial. (#2) If you are struggling with consistency with your fitness routine, and your ideal regiment is three 1-hour workouts /week, then if you miss ONE workout you could feel like a loser.  However, if your goal is at least 10 minutes of activity, that’s an easy win, and when you feel successful, you oftentimes keep going because momentum is created.

To find an ‘easy win’ to insert in the formula, ask yourself what is a small action that wouldn’t take a huge amount of time or resources, but could still make a difference when added up with other small actions over time?   Be honest with yourself, but make it an easy win that will move the needle for you.  As Jim Rohn famously said, “Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals.”

3.  How would we LIKE to feel?   This is not a question we ask ourselves very often, but is a very impactful one.   Think about that particular area of your life for which you are crafting a statement.  What emotion would you LOVE to feel in regards to that?  That emotion is what will create motivation and momentum for you when you are doing the small actions we talked about in the point before. Pick one that really hits home for you.


Now go ahead and write your 3 piece statement, and read it out loud to yourself.   Does it move you?

If yes, incredible!  You’re on fire now!   I’m so excited for you.

Your last assignment for The 5 Day Challenge is to share your statement(s) with at least 2 people. 

Saying it out loud allows you to deeply adopt it and tells your unconscious mind that you are drawing a line in the sand with this new rule you’ve created for yourself.

If your statement isn’t resonating strongly with you, then you may need to choose words that are more in line with your values and wants.  Keep reading if you are feeling stuck on this…

Our Facebook Group is THE place to share something like this…  jump in and post your statement  We can’t wait to hear you proclaim your new rule and we’ll be there to support you in living it.

If you are stuck putting together your new rule, no worries, I’ve got your back!  I can help you with the words – just post in the group and either myself or some of the others there will chime in.  That’s what a tribe is for! 

Can’t wait to see you over there.  You’ve become even more in-charge of your self talk over the last several days. I’m so incredibly impressed by your commitment and brilliance.   Here’s to you!

P.S.  Last thing!  Take a quick second to finish the self-assessment in your 5 Day Challenge Journal so that YOU can see the difference these exercises have made for you.  Do it now, so you don’t forget.  

P.P.S.  Also, I’d freakin’ LOVE to hear directly from you about your experience with this challenge, so please email me and spill!  I answer every email I receive. 

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