5 Day Challenge - Day 3

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of the Limiting Self-Talk Challenge!

Have you ever seen someone on the beach who is out there with a metal detector? 

When he walks out on the sandy shore to look for lost change, he doesn’t just pick up the first dime he finds and go home.

No, he’s on a search to find ALL that is buried there.  He scans the area, marks a section to look in, and then thoroughly looks in hopes of finding something valuable.

We need to be like the metal detector guy

When limiting self talk kicks in, and we reject the initial thought we hear that is cruel and judgmental, (it’s just a fabrication, remember?) we need to answer the question:

What IS true? 

This is when you are SEARCHING for alternatives to what you heard. 

Let’s say you are learning something new. Maybe a new position at work, or a new skill you need to master. You mess up a few times, or are progressing slowly.

Instead of agreeing with “I’ll never get this. This is incredibly hard.”, refuse to own that crap!

No, I don’t want you to be in denial, but rather consider if any of these could be true?

You’re learning something new. You’re brain is growing, which means you’re getting smarter and smarter.

Some of the best successes in the world have said they failed their way to success. Maybe your next success is right around the corner.

Remember that other thing you do that you’re really good at? (Think of something specific.) You’ve already proved you CAN learn something, so with effort and practice, you’ll be crushing this current thing too.

Every failed attempt is a gift – teaching you one more way that doesn’t work.

This struggle gives you the opportunity to practice humility and self-love.

This struggle is a tool… to help you practice kinder self-talk! Yes!

Now did any of those statements change how you are viewing the thing YOU are supposedly not doing so well at?

Finding SOMETHING that could be true besides the voice of ‘ol’ negative nelly’ can be so liberating!

And you need that girl! You are worthy of that.
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If you’re not adept at finding alternative truths just yet, here’s a process I use to help get the juices flowing:

(Alternatives to the negative/limiting self talk you usually hear about yourself or your current situation.)

Start by shutting your eyes. 

In your imagination, picture the source of the critical voice you hear and shrink it down to mouse size. 

Now put that person in a small, soundproof box.  Slide that box over to one side – way out of your internal view.  

You haven’t gotten rid of the voice just yet, but you are giving it a time out so you can think.

Now, take a deep breath, eyes still closed, and consider yourself objectively… pretend you are someone else …a kind individual who believes in you, and that person is considering your situation without judgement. 

As you reflect, look for some kind of ‘aha’ moment that would make you feel differently about yourself. 

And here’s a secret – it will only do the trick if it’s directed to you

What positive things are actually true about you?  

What is important to you – the thing that overcoming THIS THING will move you closer to becoming?

What could YOU do differently next time to better align with YOUR values, priorities and your mindset of growth?

You are looking for something positive and empowering.  Search diligently like the guy with the metal detector.

You’ll know you found something juicy when the realization of it releases that crummy feeling about yourself you’ve been holding onto. 

Even a small shift can start the momentum moving in a better direction.

So now’s your chance.  Finish up your 9 minutes today by stepping into your new role of truth detector. 

Your only job is to find positive and empowering truths about the challenge you are facing. 

(Like my play on words there —the metal detector guy just morphed into an image of a hot mama detecting truth bombs of self love, didn’t it? ) 


What was that juicy truth you found when you followed the process above?  Take note of it!

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Challenge Assignment:  Look for alternative truths about you and/or the situation you are facing.  (Alternatives to the limiting self talk you usually hear.)  Use the process I described above if needed.  

After you find your juicy ‘self-love-bomb’, jot it down in your Challenge Journal, and jump on over to the Facebook Group and share.  

OMG have you not made it over there yet??? 

Girl what are you waiting for?  The stuff in there is like GOLD, baby!  Come on over now and share what you’re getting out of this.

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