5 day challenge - day 2

Most people find that once their eyes are opened to what limiting self-talk is, and how it plays out FOR THEM, they feel such hope budding inside.  They get this huge sense of relief that … MAYBE ALL THIS CRAPPY STUFF I SAY TO MYSELF ISN’T TRUE!

Today I want you to think of this limiting self talk as a fabrication of your mind.  It’s a mirage.

It’s not true. 

It’s just a construct that our minds have built in order to either save processing time, protect us, or just out of sheer habit. 

If you are having trouble accepting this, then I ask you to do this:  for the next 4 days, just PRETEND.

PRETEND that the self talk you hear is just not real. 

The statements we hear are simply… a misunderstanding. 


Does that change things or what? 

So when Laura is hit with difficulty figuring out her new inventory system at work and her limiting self-talk pipes up from the backseat and says, “I’m so stupid.  If I can’t figure this out, how am I possibly going to be able to get this project finished?” then she can say, 

Is that really true?

and then realize that her mind just fabricated that negative statement she heard based on years of conditioning and some possible failures in her past. But it’s a misunderstanding.  It’s just not true.

So what IS true?  Here come some truth bombs, peeps. *wink*

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Challenge Activity:  In your 5 Day Challenge Journal, I want you to list 2-3 areas of your life where you excel. (Still need to grab your JOURNAL?  Get it here.

It could be career related:  your project management abilities, your ability to communicate clearly, your visionary gifts, or your commitment to your sales growth.  

It could also be related to your personal life:  your organizational skills, your clean house, your significant relationship or friendships, your fitness, your eating habits, your dedication to reading, your goofiness with your kids, your time management, how groomed your dog is, anything! 

Find 3 areas of your life where you often do well, no matter how small they seem, and jot them down quickly in your 5 Day Challenge Journal. 

Now, let’s think about these 3 specific strengths and any of the commonalities you notice.

How do you view that part of you?  i.e. the organized part, or the sales leader part of you.  Think about this: 

➕ Do you feel good about that piece of who you are? 

➕ Are you confident in your skills there?

➕ Is it that part of you important because it’s tied to a bigger thing that’s important to you?  i.e.  Is strong communication important because a bigger value of yours is helping people feel heard, and making sure they have a chance to understand information easily? 

➕ How good do you feel about your skills in that area of life?

➕ If you miss the mark in that part of your life, do you tend to just dust off and try again, or do you obsess on that failure? 

Just notice.

What personal habits could you borrow from those areas of success and apply to this other area where you feel less skilled and accomplished?

The questions above should give you a few things to notice about yourself and your skills and strengths.  Take a moment to ‘camp out’ for a minute in those confident feelings, like you’re putting up your tent, starting a fire and rolling out your sleeping bag. Don’t just hike through. 

Marinate yourself in the vibe you get when you think about stuff you’re good at and when you’re making a difference.  Feel it all around you, like a snuggly down comforter on a chilly night.

Now imagine doing this when you are having a low moment, and notice how it might make you feel better.

Jot down your answers to the bulleted questions above in your 5 Day Challenge Journal so that when you have a challenge, you can remember who you really are, and take whatever action comes next with a strong, confident mindset. (These questions are written already in your JOURNAL so you can answer them when you can take a few extra minutes.) 

THESE ANSWERS are what are really true about you. THIS is your true story.  Not that old stuff your outdated self-talk has been feeding you.

Now you’re back in charge, intentionally leading your self-talk, and leading from a place of strength. 

Tomorrow we’ll dive deep and really discover the meat of how to move past the “feel goods” you get when you think about your strengths, and really make empowering self talk stick around long term.

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MOBILE Challenge Activity 2 -2.png

Now come on over to our facebook group and share your ‘aha’s with us… I can’t wait to hear if this piece today was helpful to you.  Sharing just one bit of feedback, an ‘aha’ you experienced, or your struggle with this can be helpful to you and others. 

‘Aha’s’ and sharing go together like peanut butter and jelly baby!  I’ll be in the group interacting as well, so come on over! 

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